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Classroom Literacy Impact Grant

Who Are We

Project Proposals Due April 22, 2022

Lift Literature seeks project proposals from teachers/staff in Lake Tahoe Unified School District that will ignite the love of reading in students in their classrooms. Projects can be in any classroom setting (science, math, PE, history, English, secondary, special ed, after-school, etc.). Projects should demonstrate the following:

  • Address literacy challenges in the classroom

  • Engage students in the love of reading

  • Be creative and innovative

  • Cannot otherwise be funded by the by the school’s PTA or District funding

  • Extra points will be awarded to projects that target ESL readers


Grants up will be up to $500. Lift will gift 4-5 awards directly to teachers/staff. If we receive many proposals, we will seek additional funding from private donors to attempt to meet needs. We encourage you to submit as many project ideas as possible to demonstrate the need.


Literacy Impact Grant Application Questions:

Deadline:  April 22, 2022

Teacher/Staff Name:



Amount Requested:

Number of Students Served:


  • Please provide a project description:


  • How will this project ignite the love of reading in your classroom?


  • How will this project address literacy challenges in your classroom?


  • How many students will it serve?


  • Can you get funding for this project through your PTA or the District?


  • How does this project impact the ESL readers in your classroom?


  • Please provide a detailed budget for how you will spend these funds:


Please submit project proposals to: by 5pm on April 22, 2022

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