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Can you help us match the Lift Literature $1,000 scholarship? 

We would love to award two scholarships this year! 

Scholarship information can be found here.

Help us create a Classroom Impact Fund!

To impact 20 students, make a $60 donation

To impact 40 students, make a $120 donation

To Sponsor a classroom you can donate $330 to sponsor a classroom


 “Your donation is adding energy to a movement that is transforming the way South Tahoe Middle School students engage in reading”

STMS English Teachers

What's the plan?

  • We get high interest, high quality, fun reading materials to kids in Tahoe.

  • Support classroom libraries and classroom book clubs so that kids can have an opportunity to enjoy reading with friends.

  • Incentivize reading through community-wide outreach, fun literacy events, bookmobiles, and education and outreach to parents.


We commit to working collaboratively with libraries, teachers, school districts, and families to implement creative solutions that foster the love of reading.


Every dollar donated goes directly to projects. All of our board and staff are volunteers.

“We want to say thank you, Lift Literature. Because of you, we feel hopeful. Because of you, we feel that we can dream BIG for our students and their lives. Because of you, we feel like we are lifted and supported by others who care and want to dream BIG right along with us.” - STMS English Teachers