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School Libraries need your help!


“We want to say thank you, Lift Literature. Because of you, we feel hopeful. Because of you, we feel that we can dream BIG for our students and their lives. Because of you, we feel like we are lifted and supported by others who care and want to dream BIG right along with us.”

STMS ELA Teachers


Kids in Tahoe face disadvantage and disillusionment.

Approx 65% of students live at or near the poverty line. Only 35% of middle school students pass the Standard English Language Test. The pandemic has made things worse.

Image by Blake Weyland
Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Ben White

Creative Ideas

We seek to foster creative ideas to ignite the love of reading in every child.

Empowered Readers

We believe that students should have access to as many books as possible, both in their classroom and at home. 

Reading Culture

 We want to inspire families to create a reading culture at home, 

What do kids have to say about getting new books?

“Having new books helps expand my willingness to read and learn new things.” - 7th grader

“When my teacher is excited to read a book I also feel excited” - 6th grader

“It improves my willingness to read, I used to despise reading because I thought it was a waste of time. But reading the right books changed my feelings towards reading, and sometimes I can't drop what I read for a long time.” 7th grader

"Thank you for the books and the new one School Days According to Humphrey. We all loved the book, also we love the idea of a reading group. I love learning." - 3rd grader

"Thank you for all of the books. We have really enjoyed them." - 3rd grader

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